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Organizational prosperity is often restricted by the myopic view of the profit maximization goals of the management. The marketing and promotional strategies are geared toward increasing revenues while minimizing costs. Turning away from the organizational culture and the professional development of their human capital will attenuate the level of profit-making.

Diversity and inclusion need to be the nucleus of an organizational mission, not as a ceremonial gesture, but because it is the right thing to do from both legal compliance and social perspectives. Diversity and inclusion have a direct impact on organizational growth. As an example, nearly 60% of employees of Kaiser Permanente, is the largest manage care organization are from different racial backgrounds.

The benefits of D&I are multi-dimensional, particularly in a competitive environment. They entice creative thinking, learning experience, and it provides a more exciting working environment, just to name a few.

Our diversity and inclusion training program will begin from the top management because they set the tone for their organization.

The training by Piaget consulting will include the following seven broad areas:

  1. Need assessment through observing and connecting with some of the organizational members.
  2. Sharing the outcomes with the management team and the employees.
  3. Asking for their input for bringing a higher level of diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.
  4. Formulating an action plan to narrow the gap between the actual and the desired state.
  5. Communicating the methodology of the training program with all the organizational members.
  6. The implementation process, and
  7. Monitoring/measuring the training progress on a continual basis and fine-tuning as needed.

For more information, please email,, or call 410-404-1122.

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