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Our reliance on interpersonal and corporate communication is an increasingly fast-paced trend that lays the ground for more misunderstandings. Although occasionally the outcomes of misunderstandings are humorous, they can typically cause all sorts of unwanted outcomes. Consider the deterioration of long-time friendships, unfair dismissal of a loyal employee, and the breakdown of business negotiations. Misunderstandings can also lead to tragic consequences, such as an airliner crash due to the lack of clear communication between the control tower and the cockpit. Indeed, communication is a basic need that touches everyone’s life and subsequently should be handled with care.

The purpose of our training program is to minimize misunderstandings by providing further awareness of many situations, and types of communication confusions, both within and in cross-cultural settings, focusing on interpersonal, management, marketing, and business communication.


7 steps in training

Cross-cultural communication in an organization:

  • Need assessment through observing and connecting with some of the organizational members.
  • Sharing the outcomes with the management team and the employees.
  • Asking for their input for more effective communication throughout the organization.
  • Drawing an action plan to narrow the gap between the actual and the desired state.
  • Communicating the methodology of the training program with all the organizational members.
  • The implementation process, and
  • Monitoring/measuring the training progress on a continual basis and fine-tuning as needed.

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