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It is no longer a fad or a luxury for businesses to become a part of the international landscape. To maintain their competitiveness, organizations take on the challenge of going beyond national boundaries for market expansion, outsourcing, and access to cheaper resources. During these endeavors, they are interacting with people from different cultures, who have different purchasing behaviors and business practices. Subsequently, a shift to globalization within the past few decades has prompted the likelihood for communication misunderstandings to occur in diverse cultural settings.  Communication breakdowns and their potential consequences in both business negotiations and promotional marketing campaigns are restraining forces for benefiting from globalization.

Book a Speaker for your Event

Are you looking for a professional speaker for your next event? Piaget Intercultural have extensive training and experience as professional presenters. Your event is in good hands, whether you need a Keynote Address, a Facilitation, a Subject Matter Expert, or something completely unique to you and your group.

Because of Bager Fardanesh’s extensive background as a professional speaker, professor, author, mentor and coach, we have access to untold amounts of content. All of it has been refined and proven. We will customize the presentation for you, based on your target message, target takeaway, and your audiences style and needs.

We can do:

  • Lunch and Learn’s
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing Training
  • Driving the right culture
  • Boardroom Facilitations
  • Facilitations
  • Co-Presenting ( with your product or service)
  • Book-ending ( we present before and after your own presentation)
  • Conference Speaking
  • Book us as Keynote presenters
  • Book us to Wind up a Conference
  • Trade Show Educating
  • Franchise Meetings
  • Quarterly Retreats
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Annual Retreats
  • Conference Presenting
  • Training
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